RazorPRO™ - Professional Razor

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RazorPRO™ - A perfect, close shave while preserving your skin

✔︎ Adjustable: The exposure of the blade in relation to its housing can be changed with a rotary movement of the handle. The precision of the RazorPRO™ that ensures a perfect finish for your beard.

✔︎ Easy to use: The magnetically attached blade of the RazorPRO™ can be detached and replaced with a simple movement.

✔︎ Safe: The RazorPRO™ safety razor provides a smooth shave, leaving no nicks or irritation on your skin.

✔︎ Robust: Made of zinc alloy, the RazorPRO™ will serve you for many years.

✔︎ Beautiful: Our RazorPRO™ manual shaver has the most innovative design. It can be a great gift! 



    • the RazorPRO™ professional shaver
    • 8 spare titanium blades (3 months average use)